NATURE-CRYL® SUPER HI IMPACT Ultra High-Impact, Denture Base Resin
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Ангилал: Хиймэл шүд
Зарласан: 06-May-2016, 2:00 PM
Зарласан: Shud marketing (Профайль)
NATURE-CRYL SUPER HI IMPACT is an ultra high-impact denture base material. It has superior impact strength that exceeds all of the requirements of Type 1 Class 1 denture based resins on the market today. This product is cadmium-free and offers up to 20-minutes of working time. NATURE-CRYL SUPER HI IMPACT resists breakage, is easily finished and polished, has convenient 2-hr heating cure and/or overnight cure and has superior physical properties.
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